About Me


Hey there, I’m Elizabeth. I am eighteen years old and I go to college in Indiana. My home church is a very small church in a very small town. Luckily, I am an introvert, so the small community is perfect for me. I’ve always been Catholic, but I have to be honest. Catholicism confuses the crap out of me. I love my religion. I love being Catholic. But I am new to actually following my faith, so bear with me.

Technically, I am a Cradle Catholic, but I was mostly passive about my faith until just recently. Within this blog you will find stories about how I came to know God, how I see him in everyday life, and how Catholicism impacts who I am. I offer advice, not that it’s good advice, but it’s there. I share my own prayers and meditations. And I tell stories. Of course, my faith is weaved into every post, but this is really a collection of posts about who I am. Writing is my passion, whether I’m good at it or not, so this blog is really a piece of who I am in more than its content.

So come along and read about my journey. It’s clumsy and probably misinformed at times, but it will be exciting and a tiny, itty-bitty bit enlightening. It will also be funny. I promise I will tell you all my embarrassing stories. Like how I nearly said the wrong thing at my confirmation, or that time I had to announce the music pages during mass and I said the wrong pages. Yeah, my life is really great. Now go subscribe and read all my posts. You’re great. Thanks.