Prayer Method Matters

Have you ever heard the phrase “singing once is like praying twice”? I didn’t hear it much growing up, but I have heard it a lot recently. It really upset me the first few times I heard it. I have never had a good voice, ask anyone. I sound like a sick frog. So unless I am only around people I feel comfortable with, I don’t really sing. It upset me when people were saying that the “better” prayer was something I wasn’t good at. But if praying is better when people sing, could it be better in other forms as well? The more I thought about that, the more the phrase began to take a new shape in my mind.

I think that when we find the method of prayer that connects with our personality, our prayers intensify. Until I realized this, I believed the only way to pray was with folded hands while you talked to God; you know what I mean. I guess I always knew that praying can take many forms, but I never realized that doing one form that you are invested in can make such a difference. It can be thought, said, sung, written, drawn, and so much more. If you do it with intentions to God, it can be a prayer. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this, it seems so obvious now.

This realization came to me while I was journaling. I am an avid writer and I journal daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I was writing about a thought that came to me during a homily given that Sunday. While I was writing, I found myself in deep prayer without even realizing it. After that experience, I picked a journal and began using it for prayer. I write exactly what I used to say in my prayers with folded hands and quiet lips. Every time I pray I try to write as I do it. I always leave those moments feeling full. I think of it like this: my whole life I’ve been eating dark chocolate. That’s all good and well, but then I tried milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is still good and all, but I obviously enjoy milk chocolate much more. It tastes richer and it melts slower on my tongue. I know this sounds odd, but all I’m saying is that finding your perfect method of prayer will help you pray better. I’m sorry if you like dark chocolate better. You’re a weirdo.

Maybe you feel like music is your milk chocolate. I wouldn’t object, it’s just not my milk chocolate. Pray in the way that makes you feel full. I found it in the thing I do naturally: writing. Play around with your talents and dig into your interests, you may find a real gem. I felt like sharing this because I feel that my own prayer life would be a lot worse without this bit of information. If you think this whole post was pointless then good for you, you’ve already discovered this idea! If not, have fun praying for the next few days!

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