Blessings and Beauty: Day 2

I don’t get up to a whole lot on a daily basis, but a few times a week I find myself on this road, coming home in the evening. I live out in the country, so I get the privilege of a wide open sky and a long drive home on a regular basis. Today, on my way home, I snapped a picture of the sky. The clouds are layered just so that there are rays of light slipping through and shining spotlights on trees and homes and fields of corn. I get views like this all the time. I get to see the clouds and the sun and the blue sky all the time. Yet, I never take pictures or appreciate any of it.

So today I did. And today I thought about how lucky I would feel if I got to be the one that picked how the sky was going to look for evening time, and then twilight, and then sunset. God gets to do that all the time. Every moment he is designing a sky and hardly anyone takes a second to appreciate it. Or post an unedited picture of it to their blog. Today I think God’s job is beautiful. It isn’t like his only job is to make the skies look pretty. All the other stuff is so much more important. But, in one of God’s eyelashes, he holds the power to make an entire sky look that pretty. Plus, in five minutes that sky is going to look totally different.

He is a constant artist. I just find it so amazing and beautiful that he is doing that while all the important stuff is going on too.


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