Blessings and Beauty: Day 4

Today I think tonight is beautiful. I like night time.  I like the dark and the moon and the feeling that comes with them. I think it is beautiful that a whole new world seems to emerge in the dark. There are different animals and different people. The lights shine in different places and show us different crevices with different secrets. Windows start to reflect what is inside our homes rather than show us what is outside. Night is my favorite time.

I find beauty in feelings and I love that night brings out feelings. Maybe this is just me. Maybe I am the only person that gets this way, but how beautiful is it that God can do all this? I mean, he created the day and night. That is great and awesome. I get it. But along with the day and night he created the feelings that come with them. He crafted the way the moon shines. He is what makes night beautiful. He snaps his fingers and the sun disappears. He whistles and the moon rises and brings emotions that only really belong between midnight and three in the morning. It’s beautiful that he didn’t just separate light and dark, he created worlds and lives in both of them. He made it more gorgeous than any of us ever really realize as we lay in bed checking our phones.

He decided that we should feel things and see things differently when the sun goes down. That is what I think is beautiful tonight. I think that the dark and the feelings and the gorgeous velvet horizon is just beautiful.

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