Blessings and Beauty: Day 5

Well, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, so today was a great day. I don’t have a boyfriend or even a crush, but I adore celebrating Valentine’s Day. I know that these days it is just seen as a business booming holiday, but I like to look at it for what it is supposed to be. I don’t know the in-depth history on it, so maybe I should look that up, but today’s culture recognizes it as a day to celebrate love. I seem to hear single people groaning about it all the time, but they are only groaning because they think it is ridiculous to celebrate something they don’t have. Well, I’m single, and I think celebrating love id beautiful.

I love that couples make it a priority to spend time together on this day. I love that a bunch people probably got engaged today. I love that there were marriages. I love that there were brave confessions to cute girls and boys all over the country. I love these things. I don’t have anyone to take me on a romantic date – yet. I don’t get roses or chocolates from a boy with a smile – yet. But I love Valentine’s Day. I like celebrating the amount of love that is going on all over the world right now. I like thinking about the happy faces and the bursting hearts. I find that we actually have a whole day to celebrate love beautiful. We should celebrate love. It is amazing and it actually, kinda makes the world go ’round…


So today I dressed up to celebrate. I wore a dress and a doily in my hair. I am that weirdo in red and pick and florals. I just really love love.snapchat-4854362918150676354.jpg

And I made valentines for my entire youth group, because I love to share the love!


(Still no editing! But oh so tempted…)



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