Weekly Intentions 02.14.2016

Every week in mass we say intentions and pray for them as a church. I think this is awesome. In middle school they were my favorite piece of mass to volunteer for because I got to write them. In youth group, I like to say intentions because it is important to me to pray as a  group for things that are important to others. They are often problems going on in the world, so they are problems for everyone, but sometimes they are personal. I love how powerful it feels to pray as a group for both types of intentions. So, I am just asking if you wouldn’t mind praying for the list of things below. I am going to write them in prayer, and I hope you read them in prayer. Thank you so much!

I want to pray…

…For the unborn babies killed every day in our world, that they and their families may find peace and hope in the Lord.

…For my friends and family to stay safe in the winter weather.

…For students in high school and college that they may find what God is calling them to do in their search for purpose.

…For my heart to stay on the course of love as I become frustrated and confused.

…For anyone without a home in this cold weather, that they find a warm place to rest.

…For everyone reading this, that they may feel loved and inspired in their everyday lives.



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