Blessings and Beauty: Day 6

Today I think doctors are beautiful. I have had a lot of issues in the last few years of my life that have required the help of doctors. I’ve had to search out new offices and read reviews on different psychologists. It has been nerve-racking to say the least. Meeting new people, especially new people that are going to examine me and my body, is one of those things that really puts me on edge. I have had to do a lot of meeting new doctors over the past few years. I just turned eighteen as well, so now I am filling out the paperwork and signing release forms on top of all that. Doing all of these things is ridiculously hard for me, but the doctors I have met have put me at ease.

Today I think doctors are beautiful because, as they are helping me with my problems, I am wondering what they have sacrificed to become my doctor. The schools they went to and the parties they missed. The family they leave at home or maybe just the cats. I think they are beautiful because they did it all for me. Not really for me, I mean it is a good career and it pays well, but they are doing it for me whether it’s on purpose or not. I think it is beautiful. I think it is amazing that God gave them that dedication – whether they believe in God or not. I think it is beautiful because God guided me into their offices and used them to put me at ease over issues I had been losing sleep over. Their help and their graciousness is so much appreciated from me. I may have gotten a new pill to add to my swiftly growing collection of bottles, but I know that it was given to me by good hands that are thinking of only my well-being.

And I think it is beautiful that God gave us these healing people. That God gave them their gifts. That God helps them to use their gifts correctly. And despite all of their sacrifices and hardships, they still shake my hand firmly and give me a warm smile before asking me to sit. I just think it is beautiful.

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