Blessings and Beauty: Day 7

I love to read. I have always been that girl with her nose glued to the pages of a book. I wasn’t always well-liked in school, so books were my go-to for fun. My reading habits started as hiding Magic Tree House books under my pillow before bed. I knew when my parents were asleep from the amount of noise I could hear downstairs. I knew when it was safe to pull out my flashlight and read a few chapters before rolling over and falling asleep. I loved to read stories then, and I still love to read stories now. And the reason I am saying so is because today I thought about how beautiful it is that we are all stories.

We, you and I, are made up of stories. We have memories and flashbacks all stored in our brains that make us who we are. Our timelines are one long, strung-out story weaving in and out with the timelines beside us. It is kinda beautiful. Imagine if each and every one of us were a book. Imagine our lives written down so that everyone could read them. I often think my life is boring, but then I wonder what it would be like for someone to read my life. It may be a little uneventful, but it would still be sort of amazing. I often wonder what it would be like to read my dad’s book, or maybe my little sister’s. Our lives are made up of stories and the only people that will every be able to read every single chapter of them are you and God. It sounds so intimate – that relationship with God. It may not to you, but book metaphors are my language so it speaks to me.

My point for today is this: our stories are beautiful. God has written each and every one of them in the most amazing detail and you are the only one that gets to read every word! Isn’t that beautiful? That relationship? That knowledge? I think it is.

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