Blessings and Beauty: Day 8

Today I think that every moment that I take for granted is beautiful. I sit here writing this blog post with a massive headache thinking, “Wow, I really take for granted all those other times when I don’t have a headache.” And I think that is really true for a lot of things. We never truly realize how great things are until something comes along and screws it up. I sit here and I find myself wondering why I didn’t thank God for not giving me a headache last night before I went to sleep. That sounds silly but here I am with a headache, reprimanding myself because I wasn’t thankful for my non-headache state before this lovely headache set in.

I know that I say these things about how terrible it is that we take those moments for granted, but I think the reason we do is because we honestly don’t think about how terrible or painful our lives could be in that very moment. You could say it is because we are naive and stupid human beings, and you would probably be right, but we still don’t think about those things. And as silly as it sounds, I think it is a little bit beautiful that we are all so human that we can’t see our mistakes while we are miking them. We are ignorant enough to think that the good we are experiencing this very second is a guarantee because it is happening now. What can I say? Ignorance is bliss.

Blissful. Stupid. Joyful. Beauty. We should thank God for the good things in our lives, but we should also take time to remember that there are some things we don’t know to thank God for yet, but we will wish we did later. And I think it is beautiful that we are all human like that. We are all stupid like that. And we are all walking around in blissful, beautiful ignorance.


(Disclaimer: I don’t think my headache is a full-scale medical emergency. It just made me think of these things.)

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