Blessings and Beauty: Day 10

Today I find sleep beautiful. That sounds like something a teenager would say, I know, but sleep is actually pretty amazing. I mean, we basically shut down at night and re-boot ourselves to deal with the next day. God literally granted us hours a day to just lay on our backs and hallucinate crazy scenarios. No matter how awful our days were there is always sleep. I’m lucky enough to have a warm bed and a dog to warm my feet at night. I am lucky enough to have two pillows and socks to kick off while I’m sleeping. I just think the whole sleep thing is kind of, a little bit, beautiful.

We shut down for hours. We just lie there and dream. It’s a little crazy when you start to think about it. When you think of cities or towns you think of the lights and the bustle, but when the early hours of the morning roll around, do you think about the fact that there are millions of people just laying down and snoring?

I love that humans sleep better with other humans. I like that dogs like to sleep in packs. I like that my house is dead silent at 3 AM, because all of us are just resting. I think it is beautiful that God decided that our form of recharging would be sleep – not that I know any alternatives. He granted us rest and comfort, even if we aren’t actually conscious for it. It still has great benefits!

This has been a weird post… Thanks for reading.

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