Blessings and Beauty: Day 11

Today I think making friends is beautiful. I think the process of making friends is really interesting. I’m currently on my way to a dance, so this is another post from my phone. Sorry for the lack of pictures and well-structured paragraphs. I’m in a bit of a rush.

Anyway, making friends. I think it is interesting how certain people gravitate towards each other and slowly grow into an inseparable pair. And then the stages they go through to become that pair. The awkward moments and the break-throughs. I just love how after a few weeks or a few months two people can get to know each other so well that they can feed each other while they drive. Or prop them up when they’re tired. Or comfort them when their pet dies.

Friends are awesome, and making them is so cool. Borrowing clothes the first time and paying for each others food. Making friends is cool.

Thanks for putting up with another odd post… see you tomorrow for day 12!


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