Blessings and Beauty: Day 12

Today I think dogs are beautiful. I think that the fact that God gave us animals as companions is awesome. I love my dog. I probably love my dog more than I love myself. Her name is Luna, after the character in Harry Potter. She is my beast friend. I am pretty sure I have spoiled her so much that she thinks she is human. We sleep together and we eat together. I know which blankets she likes to lay on and she knows what time I wake up. We are best friends, and I think dogs are beautiful.

I realize that it may not have been God’s original plan to make dogs as companions for humans. Even so, he did create them and all of their companionable qualities. That is encouraging for companionship, so I am going to assume God is cool with it. And I am also just going to assume that Luna is kinda like my dog soul mate. Sounds likely. Anyway, I just find it really beautiful that we have dogs that sleep on our feet and eat out of our hands. I really appreciate them and the fact that they are basically warm pillows that willingly cuddle with me. Plus they follow you around and steal your socks. Dogs are awesome. And adorable. And beautiful. Thank God for dogs.


(In the featured picture you will see Luna in the front, spooned by Opal – my little sister’s pup.)

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