Blessings and Beauty: Day 14


Today I think the cold is beautiful. Maybe it is because my cold washcloth feels amazing on my throbbing head. Or the cold glass of the porch door was so comforting to my body as I leaned against it. Or maybe just because I think my dogs paw prints in the snow are the cutest thing ever. Whatever it is, today I think the cold is beautiful.

We can see pur breath swirl through the frigid air. We can fell our inhaling breath travel all the way to our lungs. Our noses turn red and our cheeks feel frozen. But we feel alive. I don’t like the cold that much. I’d much rather it be lukewarm sweater weather with a chance of rain. But that doesn’t change the fact that the cold is beautiful.

Snow sparkles. And frost reminds me of childhood fantasies of jack frost living on my roof. Winter may not be my thing but God sure made it beautiful. It’s a hard thing to not like when your head hurts and your body’s hot, but the door is so cool and your washcloth is so comfy.

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