Blessings and Beauty: Day 16


Today I think sisters are beautiful. I’d say siblings, except I only have a sister. So I can’t really attest to the brothers of the world. Today I think sisters are awesome, majestic creatures that God throws into the familial circle to both annoy and love us. I love my little sister.

I spend a lot of time with her because we are both homeschooled, so we know basically everything about each other. She knows what kind of sodas I like, but anyone can know what kind of soda a person likes. My sister knows what kind of soda I want on any given day in any given mood. She knows the difference between a sprite and a cherry coke is a mega huge gap. I like both, but they have their respective moods and places. Nobody else understands my soda tendencies like my little sister. This is a bad example, but it is like this for nearly every aspect of my life. My sister and I have the closest thing there is to a telepathic connection.


I’m so glad God created sisters. I’m happy he decided that humans can have more than one child so that I could have a sister like mine. My sister is beautiful and funny and weird. She snorts when she laughs and has really really long eyelashes. Every morning she wakes me up before I want to get up and I strongly consider strangling her for about five seconds, but then I remember that she also makes me lunch when I’m tired. So I forgive her.


Sisters are so freaking beautiful. Everyone should get a sister. Sisters are the best.


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