Blessings and Beauty: Day 17


Today I think silence is beautiful. I live out in the country surrounded by corn and trees and cows. Not a whole lot goes on out here. I have many things I like about it where I live, and only a few that I don’t. One of the things I love is the quiet.

Being an introvert, I love to be by myself. Normally, people assume this must mean I like quiet. Actually, I don’t like complete quiet. I hate when things have gone so still that I can hear the lack of noise ringing in my ears. I don’t have that issue where I live. Outside my doors, or just my window even, there is the perfect mix of silence. No horns or shouting. Sirens are rare and music is never too loud. There are the occasional birds, but not always singing. There are trees rustling when the wind is blowing strong enough. And on days like today, there is the sound of snow falling. I can’t really explain what snow sounds like, but it sounds peaceful. I know this sounds like I’ve been smoking and I’m high right now, but I’m not. I just think snow sounds like heaven.

The silence of it is the sort of thing that both puts me to sleep and perks my senses. Snow is silent. Birds flying are silent. Trees are silent. Where I live has the perfect amount of silence. I don’t think anything could ever sound so wonderful as silence. Thank God for giving me ears so that I could appreciate the wonder that is the sound of snow and trees and birds’ wings. Thank God.


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