Blessings and Beauty: Day 18


Today I think reading is beautiful. This post is late. It’s the first time I’ve honestly forgotten to write about something beautiful all Lent. I’ve made it a point to write every day, usually right before bed so that I have time to reflect on my whole day. But last night I was so wrapped up in reading that it slipped my mind. This makes me sad and a little sick to my stomach, but I’m here admitting my failure last night. I’m working on my humility.

So if I had remembered to write last night, I would’ve said that I think reading is beautiful. The way a book can wrap you up in its arms are carry you away to another deminsion is magical. Obviously, it can be dangerous as well, but magic comes in all types. I gave loved reading for most of my life, and last night I was reading a book by Emma Donoghue titled Room. It is amazing. Last night, when I should have been writing here, I was listening to a little boy’s mother telling him how beautiful the world is. Last night I realized how much of the world there is for me to see. If you haven’t read this book, I completely recommend it. It is simply earth shattering. I haven’t finished it yet, but when I do maybe I’ll write a review. I wish I would’ve remembered to write last night, but I can’t change it now. I find reading beautiful. And I’m so happy God gave us a way to transport ourselves from our tiny rooms in our tiny homes.

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