Blessings and Beauty: Day 19


Today I think hair stylists are beautiful. I’m not really sure I mean just people who do hair. I also mean everyone that has a job or provides a service like that. Someone that is required to know you in order to help you. I have a hairstylist that has cut my hair for years. We (my mom, sister and I) have followed her from salon to salon because she is our hairstylist. She gets us.

I have weird hair. It’s super super think, red, and has an odd texture. But my hairstylist gets it. She knows where to draw the line for haircuts, because sometimes I go a little extreme. She is daring, but not too durastic. She is fun, but not crazy. She knows which way I part my hair. She knows I can’t stand poofy hair. She gets it, and nobody else does. I can’t walk into a 10 minute salon and get the same result. She knows where to thin my problem spots. She is a great hairstylist. She gets my hair.

I think all of these types of people are beautiful. The manicurist, the personal shopper, the woman at the counter, the man behind the glass. The ones that have to know you in order to help you. These people are the people that give us boosts of self confidence. They are the strangers that throw out compliments, but not quite strangers. They keep the world spinning. They are peaceful. They share stories and listen to yours. And they are there when you need a change, or can’t bring yourself to trim even a bit. They sacrifice a lot to make sure you know that they understand. They aren’t the person you run crying to, but they are there when you’re in need of a pick me up. They are beautiful.


My hairstylist watched me cut away my long red hair until it became ad short as short can be. You hold on to people like that.


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