Blessings and Beauty: Day 20

Today I think thoughts are beautiful. People spend so much time interacting with others, we sometimes trick ourselves into thinking that is all there is to people. We don’t always recognize that they have an infinity’s worth of thoughts that go through their minds that we will never know about. We know each other, but we can never really know each other. There is so much that goes on upstairs in my brain, nobody will ever be able to truly know everything about me. I think that is a little bit beautiful.

Having so many thoughts has its drawbacks obviously. Sometimes it would be nice if someone could just read our minds to understand our ideas. It would be easier. But having all of our thoughts just for ourselves also gives us such a dynamic quality. Our thoughts are what make us human. We have all of our beliefs stored up in our passing thoughts – even if we don’t know them yet. We aren’t really unpredictable beings, we are just not understood by other humans. I think it is beautiful that the only person that will ever really know everything I think about everything is myself (and God). I like that God knows everything about my thoughts. It is especially calming during prayer. I can just jump in without explanation of myself. He knows what I have been thinking all day, the only difference in prayer is that I have decided to direct all of my thoughts at him alone.

I think it is so beautiful that God gave us this intimate relationship between our minds and his. Nothing else will ever be this intimate. Nothing else ever could be. I feel bad for the people that miss out on this experience of prayer – there is no better feeling than being understood in that way.


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