Blessings and Beauty: Day 22


Today I think decisions are beautiful. All day yesterday I knew I wanted to write about this for my blog, but I just didn’t have time. I kept not having time until I fell asleep that night, forgetting for the second time to fulfill my lenten promise. It was a decision. A bad one. But still a decision. I think decisions are beautiful. Our God given free will let’s us decide when to post on our blog, when to refill the dishwasher, and decide on a college. There are big decisions and little decisions and every single one of them impacts our daily life.

I love that we have free will. I often wonder about decisions I will make in the future, but then I remember that there are so many choices I must make right now. I have to decide when to get out of bed in the morning. When to email my professors. What to wear to classes. They all impact me. They all come from my brain. Some take seconds to decide and others take hours. Isn’t it beautiful that we have that ability? That we can puzzle over things. That we are forming our own lives every moment of every day with our decisions.

Beautiful. I wish I would have decided to write yesterday, but I didn’t. I made that choice. And this morning I woke up with that gut feeling that something was missing. It was this post. I’m sad. But it’s still beautiful.

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