Blessings and Beauty: Day 26


Today I think the night is beautiful. All the best things happen at night. I don’t know why I think so, but it’s true. Everything feels different. People are more thoughtful – or thoughtless. The stars come out as well as the moon. I write at night: it always feels better. I edit in the mornings, but the genius comes when the sun is asleep. My point is, the night is made of magic.

I nearly missed my deadline AGAIN today. I’ve only really got a few more minutes before I have to publish this small stream of conciousness. But it’s nighttime now. And I’m thinking things that my day mind would never even dream of. I come alive at night. I feel like my prayer life is better in the early hours. I’m closer to God when I can stare up at the constellations. What a wonder it truly is that the night can so totally take control of me – or is it that I lose control in the absence of daylight? Whatever it is, it’s beautiful. Thank the sweet Lord for the night.

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