Blessings and Beauty: Day 27

Today I think worship music is beautiful. I have to admit that until the recent months, I really did not like worship music. At all. But these days, I pretty much adore it. It really puts my heart at ease when I am writing or dancing. It has brought my spirit closer to God in a way I can’t describe perfectly. It feels like my soul is singing when I listen to it. I used to think that there was no feeling comparable to the feeling of driving down the road with a car full of your closest friends, singing as loud as possible to the songs everyone knows. I used to think that was really the best feeling in the world. During those trips, I would find little moments where it felt like time was standing still. I was so happy I could see the joy floating around in the car – like dust in a ray of sunlight. But ever since I started listening to worship music, I get that feeling in an endless stream. It is completely silent to the people around me, but inside of me, that joy has filled me to the point that I could burst. It is completely effortless. It doesn’t take a sore throat or a pair of blown-out speakers. It just takes me and some worship music.

I may sound like I am a little crazy, but I just find worship music beautiful. Thanks for reading all the way down here. You are great. Blessings!

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