Blessings and Beauty: Day 28


Today I think stars are beautiful. I know I have talked about night before, but today I am specifically talking about stars. I love stars. I live in the country where there is very little light pollution. If I look out my window on a clear night, I have the most beautiful sight.

God created the stars, but I’m not sure why. So many things that don’t seem like they have a purpose, actually do when you think about them. Stars aren’t one of those things. They just exist out there in space. We have the sun, and I see that God had that in the plan. But seriously, why all the other stars? I don’t know. Feel free to leave theories. My theory is this. God hung the stars in the sky to give us wonder. We can look at the sun and be amazed. We can feel the grass and be in awe. But wonder comes from the things we don’t know. I suppose there are things beyond the stars that we will wonder about after we have discovered the purpose of the stars. If my theory holds true, that is. God gave us stars to let’s us think about what exists outside of our world. Stars are the unreachable intrigues of centuries of humans. People have made up stories since the beginning of time. The stars entertain us. They make us feel tiny and huge at the same time.

Sometimes it’s nice to think about all those things when you’re sitting on the cold roof, staring at the pinprick constellations. God sent me wonder and it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever felt.


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