Blessings and Beauty: Day 30


Today I think best friends are beautiful. My best friend of six years and I have never lived in the same state. We met at a summer intensive at my ballet studio, and after the month of classes, he went home to Missouri. But we stayed in touch.  We have visited each other about once a year since then, texted nearly every day, and sent each other Christmas gifts in the mail. Through all that, we have stayed best friends.

I think best friends are beautiful in that they last. I’ve never been one for long term friendships, but this guy has stuck around. He is year older than me, so he’s in college right now. But we have been best friends even through that.  Best friends are awesome amazing institutions. I thank God ever day for mine.  What would I do if I couldn’t rant about my sister to him? Or tell him my stupid jokes?

I’m not saying our relationship is perfect. No relationship is perfect. I’m just saying that its beautiful that God let’s us get this close to other human beings. It’s helpful and healthy and I love it. The picture in this past is of a hot pink limo. When my best friend and I were first getting to know each other,  I used to joke about owning a hot pink limo when I was rich and famous.  The other day I saw this limo parked in someone’s driveway. So I got a picture and sent it to him. Best friends last. And its beautiful.


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