Blessings and Beauty: Day 37


Today I think red hair is beautiful. Okay, not just red hair. What I mean are the physical characteristics that bring us together. God just hands out our genetics as if they are a lottery, but isn’t it cool that later in life they start to define us. Having blonde hair must make you dumb. Having brown hair must make you boring. And having red hair must mean you are feisty. Of course, none of those things are true, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t haunting each and every one of us.

I think our characteristics are beautiful because they seem random, but God does everything for a reason. I ended up with blue eyes and red hair for a reason, and I like to think it is because of my need to be unique. I love to think of myself as a complete individual, and my hair color really plays into that. I think it might just be on purpose. My sister ended up with brown hair and brown eyes, and she tends to lean more toward the mainstream. Maybe it all plays into our personality on purpose. I’m not saying blondes are dumb, I’m saying maybe God gives someone blonde hair on purpose in order for them to change that stupid stereotype.

Then again I could be completely wrong and this is just a crazy rant from a weird ginger. I like being a ginger though. And I like the color of my hair. So I think it’s beautiful.

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