Blessings and Beauty: Day 38

Today I think family is beautiful. Admittedly, I do have family on my mind because it is the topic of a paper I wrote for my sociology class, but that isn’t why I think it is beautiful. I am so lucky to have such an amazing family. I am blessed with grandparents that love me and spoil me unashamedly. My parents both care for me and encourage me to chase my dreams, no matter how strange or far-fetched they may seem to them. My sister is one of my best friends and kills spiders for me when I find them in the shower. My aunt is the most creative person I know, and I love that she sees that in me and invites me on her creative adventures. I have a few cousins that are seriously so interesting and I am so excited to see what they grow up to become. Thats not everyone, bu do you see? I am just so blessed.

When I say I think family is beautiful, of course I mean my own, but I don’t mean to exclude other types of families. Families are beautiful in general. The way the support system works is so amazing. You won’t find it anywhere else. My sister knows I’m sad before I even know I’m sad. My mom knows when I need to have a talk and get everything off my chest. And I know when she needs a cry so she can get back to work. I know that when my dad is mad he always says the same things he doesn’t mean, and that when he calms down again he will realize that too. I know that he can’t focus on one tv show for very long, because he gets bored. He knows that if my face is twisted in some certain way, that I am angry or happy or surprised. My family is so great and we all work together so great.

I know that not all families are like mine. But the ways that families work together is so interesting. The way we fall into each others groves and feel when the atmosphere or a room is different. Families are beautiful. And interesting. And cool.

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