Blessings and Beauty: Day 42


Today I think road trips are beautiful. I did take a short one today. About 2 hours to my future home (college). I think they are so fun. I know many people hate road trips because they get long and boring and stuffy, but I’m not one of those people. For me, the vacation starts right when I get in the car. I love the whole thing. Except the having to pee when my dad is driving and doesn’t want to stop at the next rest area. That’s not fun.

I like getting to talk to my fellow car-mates. I feel like the really great conversations only happen in the car. Or at night. Or a combination of the two. Growing up, we always listened to Harry Potter in the car. That’s how I read the books the first time actually. On a road trip to Florida and back. When I was really little, my Mamaw used to buy gifts for my sister and I on the road. If we were good from one stop to the next, we got one of her gifts! I know it seems silly and a tad manipulative, but it is one of my favorite vacation memories. Road tripping is the best. And it’s so beautiful to me because it’s so full of memories. I’ve made so many and I make so many every time I go on one.

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