Blessings and Beauty: Day 44


Today I think writing is beautiful. I am a writer. I suppose you have noticed that part of me, considering you are currently reading something I have written. It may not be a high quality work of writing, but it is here nonetheless. I think it’s beautiful. I love to write. I write every day. I keep meticulous journals – although they have suffered this Lent due to my time spent writing here instead of in them. I love to reread my old journals because often it feels as if I’m reading a stranger’s writing. I am always reminded of my ever changing self. The things I see myself learn over time is incredible and humbling. I love writing because it keeps me grounded.

Writing is beautiful in the way it reveals it’s writer. Of course, grammar and spelling say very little besides the age and opportunity of the writer. The style of the sentences. The adjectives and reused words say so much they practically scream. When I read a blog post or a newspaper article, I can see the bias of the writer. It’s beautiful that the descriptors or avoidance of certain subjects reveal our personalities. It’s beautiful that I often see myself using “amazing” way too often in a post. It’s beautiful that that is the word I use too often. It’s beautiful that some people think this is annoying. It’s all beautiful because this is a blog post that is being sprung from my mind in real time, and you will read it and it’s like sorcery – you’re reading my mind. This is my mind. These are the words I’m thinking and these are the words I’m sharing. It’s beautiful that j have this ability and that I enjoy doing it so much and so often. It’s calming and sets my heart at ease to know my thoughts are somewhere other than my own brain. I can’t explain it any better than that. Writing is beautiful and I can’t wait to see where it takes me for the rest of my life.

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