Compliments We Should Use More Often

Okay this title is a tiny bit misleading, but the title I wanted to use doesn’t really explain the piece I wrote, so bear with me. Really, this is a list of words I think that we should use to describe humans more often. So often I hear people say that someone is “hot” or “sexy.” I bet if you are reading this Christian blog you can see what I see wrong with those “compliments.” They objectify the body and disregard the person as anything but a plaything. But today I am also complaining about the dull compliments. I’m complaining about the ones that we use to generalize people. We call all the honor roll kids “smart” and we call all the artsy kids “creative” and sometimes I just think we should be a bit more diverse. I love to look at humans and find their individuality. Actually, some could say I am obsessed. As a writer, I often find myself writing down the key characteristics of people I see on the streets or in a restaurant. So, here is a list of words that I feel we should use to describe people more often. Let’s stop with the generalized words and start with the individualized compliments based on the energy and spirit of singular human beings!


Use this for the person that shines through all the wreckage of daily life. For the person that sees the good in every situation. The optimist. Tell people how much you can feel their joy and how beautiful it makes them. Tell them that are a force of nature. As odd as it sounds and as you may feel saying these things, they stick with people.


Tell people when you are all wrapped up in their personality. When someone has such an intriguing and deep personality, but manages to keep it so lighthearted that everyone feels welcome, it is a gift. These people should be praised for their spirit. They are so rare and your conversations with them always leave you feeling like you have walked on water.


Now, I realize this word holds a major focus point in John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars. I am honestly obsessed with John Green, but this word still serves a purpose here even without his amazing writing. Grand is a word I use to describe someone who can conquer major events with efficiency and come out better because of it. Grand people do big things for little in return. They have big dreams and wild adventures. Use it to describe the most “out-there” person you know. The person that goes for the gold every single time.


Use this on that person that you always blush around. Around that person that always knows what to say to make you agree to events and fundraisers. You may not even like this person, but a compliment is always a good start to reconciling – or at least calming your own temper down. Use this on that boy that you are trying so hard to flirt with, but every time you try to speak it’s like your brain has gotten up and walked away leaving you with no coherent words to spit out.


This is a tricky one to use. Only give it to the person you have deemed perfect to accept it because it can easily be taken the wrong way. You see, I am a deeply thoughtful person and I like to think of myself as somewhat mysterious because so much goes on in my head that I never share. If you were to give this to someone who also shares this trait, I am sure they would take it as a compliment. But give it to someone that wears every bit of themselves on their sleeve and you may find yourself in the mess of an offended friend and nothing to back you up. Use it on the people with twisty personalities that make you puzzle over them. Use it on the unpredictable friend, the one that always has a trick up their sleeve.


Okay. That was my, admittedly short, list. If you guys think this was an interesting post leave a comment or a like and I will know to share some more of my favorite words. Let’s rejoice in the individuality that God has created in us. Let’s share our love for each other’s individuality and have an amazing time doing it. I love complimenting people. A few words can change a person’s whole life.



One thought on “Compliments We Should Use More Often

  1. My new favorite compliment is “dynamic” – much like your definition of “radiant”. Someone who is full of life, zeal, humor, and their overall presence can make them “dynamic”. What a great post. Thank you for giving me a couple other words (i.e. “enchanting,” and, “grand”) to add to my list!

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