Let Me Introduce You: Series Introduction


Good afternoon friends and fellows!

I have been a little absent over the past week or two, but I have been brainstorming in my time away. I would like to introduce you to my new series of posts! I am a little addicted to lists, and series of items or posts fall right into my addiction. If series aren’t your thing, this is the perfect series for you! None of these posts will be dependent on each other, so you can simply drop in for whatever interests you! I hope that pleases you enough to at least check out one or two of the posts I am going to be including in this series. But enough rambling! Let’s get on to the explanation!

“Let Me Introduce You” will be a weekly post that allows me to introduce you to some of my favorite things. I am a known fangirl, so I have plenty of obsessions and loves that I would love to share with whoever will listen (but especially you!). Off the top of my head I can tell you that there will be musicians, books, stores, songs, socks, foods, and so much more included among the “Let Me Introduce You” series. They will all be Christian oriented of course – although some more than others. I hope this gives you a little window into how vast the series will be. It will cover anything and everything I hold dearest to my heart. Interested? Well, the first post will be up tomorrow! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them! And don’t forget to leave your own reviews in the comments because I adore discussions about my favorite things! I am also very open to your own suggestions! If I share my favorite artist, you should share yours too! I love discovering the things that other humans love. Obsessions should be shared.

Thanks for reading this short introduction to such a fun series. I’m excited to start sharing these little pieces of my joy with you. Every single one of them has brought such amazing things into my life – whether it be an entire epiphany or a minor fleeting thought. I hope you have some of the same experiences through this series!

Much love,


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