Let Me Introduce You to Sleeping at Last

This is the first post in the “Let Me Introduce You” series. There is no need to catch up or read thed63082302d61193a38a908ef954126d6.jpg introductory post, but if you would like to here is the link. Please read on and get to know Sleeping at Last!

If you know me even a little bit, you have heard me rant and rave about this music. The name Sleeping at Last makes it sound like a band, I know, but really it is just one man who performs these songs. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer named Ryan O’Neal. Sleeping at Last is one of my absolute favorite musical artists. In all seriousness, he is also one of my favorite humans. In nearly every one of his songs I can find something that connects with me completely and inspires me to become more than who I am now. His lyrics show so much understanding and pondering of the world that I personally feel like he must be able to read my mind. I know it sounds crazy to give one person so much credit for my inspiration – but it’s true. As a writer, I am drawn automatically to his astounding lyrics – but his music has also drawn me into the world of instrumental music as well. Just listen to one of his songs and you will understand why.

This is the first song I ever heard by Sleeping at Last. The title is “Emphasis.” I heard it in a dance studio in the spring of 2013. One of my favorite dancers was performing a solo that one of my favorite choreographers had created for her. I was enr2c6a6b38bd2682661258794d1f980c61aptured. Please listen to it. It may change your life.

Most of the music by Sleeping at Last has the same sound. If I had three words to describe it I would use deep, gentle, and strong. I know those are simple words, but I think combining their simplicity with their meaning really defines Sleeping at Last’s music. It’s gorgeous but in a pure way. It seems effortless. I have been told before that the true mark of an artist is when they can make the hardest work in the world seem as if it has taken no effort to create at all. That is what Sleeping at Last is for me. A true work of art.

This is my favorite song by Sleeping at Last. The title is “Saturn.” It is from the first year of his project, Atlas. I don’t remember the first time I ever heard it, but it has been the reigning song on my list for quite some time. Just listen and I think you will understand why.15cfd3aec76aa185a3dcb8516498b22c

As I mentioned above, Sleeping at Last has this project called Atlas. The first year of the project is finished and you can listen to the entire thing on Spotify. Most of my favorite songs have emerged from this project. It is amazing to me how much amazing, inspiring pieces he can create in such short amounts of time. This is an artist that I am never ever bored with because he is nearly always releasing new music or talking about releasing new music.

I chose to introduce you to this specific artist on this specific Christian blog because this music also plays a big part in my faith life. The Atlas project is based on everything that the Lord created. Every song talks about some aspect of creation and how it is intertwined with everything else. Listen to this song titled “Sun” and you will understand what I mean by this. His Space series in Atlas is really my favorite of his works. Maybe it is because outer space really fascinates and inspires me, but regardless, those songs amaze me.6a4c172712ece0cfe459c642916141cf

Below I am including a few more links to my favorite songs. Feel free to click and listen to anything that may interest you and leave a review back here in the comments! I would love to hear what you have to say about this artist. I am obsessed (obviously) and I have never introduced this artist to anyone that didn’t like him. So opinions are welcome. Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to let this amazing art into your life.

This is a song about when his first daughter was born. I recommend this song to mothers, but it is also a really amazing worship song if you listen to it as if Mary were singing it. It is like she is seeing her newborn baby Jesus for the first time and I love it. Click here to listen to “Light.”

This is a song that I feel really, intensely describes what it is like to be struck with anxiety for an extended period of time and then to learn to overcome it. I can personally connect so well with the lyrics so this is one of my very favorite songs. Click here to listen to “Pluto.”

He also makes nearly every single one of his covers better than the original song (in my opinion). Here is one of my favorite covers that he did, “Safety Dance,” originally by Men Without Hats. I love the original of course, but the cover gives it an entirely new meaning.

Finally, here is a song from Atlas: Year One called “In the Embers.” It really makes me appreciate life and vocation and the inevitability of death. I just adore it. One of my favorite songs to inspire me to better myself. It simultaneously humbles me and builds me up. Click here to listen to it. 

Here is the link to the official website of Sleeping at Last.




3 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You to Sleeping at Last

  1. It’s great to see people appreciate amazing music like this. I’m obsessed with Ryan’s music, it’s quite rare to find songs with such great meaning and appreciation for the universe. I’m a Muslim, but I still am able to connect to Sleeping At Last’s messages about God and his creation ❤


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