If we were having coffee… 04.30.2016

If we were having coffee…

…I would tell you about how much I love garage sale shopping. Today I found so many used books to add to my library. I picked up multitudes of 25 cent t-shirts for a rag rug tutorial I saw on Pinterest. I got myself some knitting needles because I am thinking of taking up yet another creative hobby. It made me so happy to spend less than twenty bucks but walk out with so much potential. Plus I spent the time with one of my friends that is quickly becoming one of my favorite humans. It was raining and cold and I did NOT wear the correct shoes for the occasion, but it was really fulfilling.

…I would tell you I am currently at my most relaxed state. I have just taken a bath with lavender and honey and milk extracts. My skin feels like butter and I smell like love feels. My face is clean and my favorite socks clothe my pruned feet. I have settled into my normal writing spot with good music and I am starting to spill my feelings into this screen. It feels amazing. I haven’t felt this amazing in a few weeks. Months maybe.

…I would tell you that I think God answered one of my prayers today. I have been casually praying about this certain something for a year or so, but I was in intense prayer about it in the past week and today something happened that felt so divinely inspired I just felt it must be a call from Him. It made my soul giddy to see Him in my life. To see the little pushes and tugs he performs in my daily life. I won’t tell you the prayer now, but maybe one day. It just feels really amazing today to know that I am so blessed and so loved and so heard.

…I would tell you that the past week has been miserable. I have hardly slept. Nightmares and insomnia plague me the moment I crawl into bed. My appetite is completely off. My mind is foggy and I can’t seem to remember to do anything. I’m experiencing such strange mood swings it’s nearly comical. My anxiety attacks (that were months apart before I started medication) seem to be threatening me at every turn right now. Two attacks in two weeks is highly unusual for me. I have come to the conclusion that it is the change in my anxiety medication that has brought on these symptoms as they began appearing shortly after my doctor amped up my dosage. He said it was okay to go back to a lower dosage, so I did tonight and I will for a few more days to see if any of my issues subside. It worries me that the medication may not be the one for me and my body. To think that I may have to start the prescription process all over again really frightens me. Please pray for me?

…I would tell you thank you for listening to my crazy crazy ideas about my life. Thanks for dealing with the good and the bad. Thanks for your advice (I’m sure it was well-structured and thoughtful). Thanks for any prayers you may say for me. Thanks for everything friend. I really appreciate the outlet you give me to clear my mind and remain in my most relaxed state. You’re a good human.

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