Praying for the Prayerless

I think about these people often. I think about the ones that don’t have family or friends or even a church. I think about the people that nobody else thinks about. The lonely ones. The sad ones. The ones that don’t even know they are missing out. I think about them and the life they must be living. It makes me sad. And so I would like to just take this post for us all to read over my prayer and spend a second or two thinking about all of those people. That way, one day, maybe this group of people won’t even exist. Thank you for praying with me.

Dear God,
Thank you for my support group that prays for me. Thank you for granting me the people that think of me often. I rejoice in the fact that, alone as I may feel, there are always prayers being offered for my well-being.
I pray for the prayerless. The ones that do not have people to pray for them. The ones that do not have love or comfort surrounding them constantly. The ones that need my prayer. I hope that, even if it is brief, they feel a sense of belonging. That they know, somewhere, someone is holding them in their hearts. I pray that they receive the help they need, the love they desire, and the prayers they long for.
I pray their aching hearts are eased – even if they do not realize the burden they carry. I pray that their hardships are lessened. That they are strengthened by your might. I pray that they are calm in their hearts with the comfort of love – even though it is the love of a stranger.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my prayer with me. I really love to pray with other people so if you ever need a prayer request or thought that you would like me to personally slip into my prayer journal, feel free to comment or message me. I am completely open to it. I hope you have a good week friends!

Much love,



One thought on “Praying for the Prayerless

  1. Amen! I used to be one of those lonely types. But a Church left a flyer on my door, I went, and never looked back. But for those who do feel that loneliness, it’s the worst. We were never to be solitary creatures or endure this journey alone. Great post!


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