Let Me Introduce You to Thrift Books

This is a post in a series. If you are interested in finding more of these just search through the Advice or Stories categories and you will find more! You don’t need to read anything before you move on to reading this post, but if you would like an introduction to the “Let Me Introduce You” series, here is a link! Read on!

Thriftbooks.com is my favorite website. I adore it. I discovered it a month or two ago thanks to a post I scrolled by on Tumblr. It has saved my book-addicted life. I am normally the type of reader that likes her books in pristine condition, but when I am getting them for four bucks a pop, I couldn’t really care less about a bent dust cover. Plus, when you throw in free shipping on orders over ten dollars, my heart skips a beat! I promise they didn’t pay me to write this post. I just really love getting cheap books delivered to my doorstep. It is an introverted bookworm’s dream come true.

Here is the link to the website. Your life will be forever changed. I promise. They have cheap Bibles if you are in need of something to journal in! They also have plenty of Christian books, but some are more on their end of expensive (which is still plenty cheap). They have all genres and pretty much anything you can think of. The shipping takes a week or two, but not months like some thrift places. It is simply the best website ever.

I got myself an account right away. I tested it out with a book I really wanted just to see the quality and whatnot. The books are all rated and it tells you in their description what kind of condition they are in, if they are old library books, or if they are severely damaged. If you are the type of person that cannot even handle a dog-eared page or a nicked cover, then you should stick to the “like new” category. I got a book in “good” condition and the cover was bent and there was a drawing from the previous owner on the cover page. Nothing too bad, and still totally intact and readable. I am usually very stingy about taking care of my books – and I would never treat a book like the previous owner of this “good” book treated it – but saving money trumps pristine condition for me in this situation.

I recently bought Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis from this website for about four dollars in “very good” condition and the only problem I can find with it is that the spine shows it has been opened a few times due to the wear on the corners. Just like it has been loved a bit by it’s previous owner. Other than that, it’s in totally amazing condition. I haven’t read it yet, but I am sure I will be posting a review here on the blog when I do. Enough rambling though! Go get some new reads! I basically just saved your bookworm heart! (Or started the life of a bookworm.)


You’re welcome.

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