Follow Me Elsewhere!

Hey! I heard you thought I was kinda awesome. I mean, maybe you only think I’m moderately interesting… But all the same you should totally come and follow me on Facebook! I have a page that I have been sharing all my regular posts to just to spread my content around a bit. It would be so amazing if you would head on over to the book of faces and look up my coolio self. I am going to start doing some more regular updates over there just so you can follow along more of my daily life instead of just the compilation of ideas that ends up here. You can follow my Facebook page by simply clicking on the “like” button on the sidebar of my Home page or you could look up “Elizabeth Van” under the search box on your Facebook – Make sure you look under pages, not people!  Just go check it out and maybe click like? And, if you are so inclined, you could share it with your friends! That would be so groovy.

Did I really just say groovy? Yes. Yes I did.

Is that because I just watched Scooby-doo for kicks? Yes. Yes it is.


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