Let Me Introduce You to Life is Good

This is a post in my “Let Me Introduce You” series on my blog. You don’t need to read anything else to be able to understand this post but if you are interested in what this is all about, click here for an introduction! Awesome. Read on my pretties.

This is one of my favorite clothing companies ever. I discovered them about three years ago on vacation with my family in Florida. We walked into a fun little store in some tourist area, and I walked out with two of my favorite shirts that I have ever owned. They are soft, simple, and optimistic. Optimistic? you say. Yes. Optimistic. What do I mean by that? I mean that the company itself fosters optimism. They celebrate the outdoors and invite everyone that reads their shirts to celebrate with them. They are witty and silly and make you smile.

For example, I bought a purple shirt that has a small picture of a television with the words “think outside of the box” written beneath it. How cute is that?! I love it. I love TV as well, don’t get me wrong, but still. Adorable. They have plenty of examples, but really you should just go scroll through the website and see if you see anything you like. They also have very cute mugs and hats you can get yourself. I bought my dog, Luna, a collar that is the same color as my shirt and simply says “Life is good” around it. It fits her perfectly!

Anyway, click here if you would like to expand your summer shirt collection. I obviously highly recommend it or it wouldn’t be in this series of posts.

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