Let Me Introduce You to Florence + The Machine

This is part of my weekly series that introduces you, my lovely reader, to some of my all-time favorite things in the whole wide world. Awesome, yeah? You can check out a short introduction here, or just keep on reading. There isn’t any catching up to do, just dig in!

Hold on to your socks music lovers (I am about to knock them off). This is the second of my two favorite musical artists. This is a link to the post I did on the other. I honestly can’t chose which one I love more, but I posted the other first as they are much more Christian than this artist. This artist has helped me to grow in my faith in a much different way. The lyrics of her songs have driven me to dig into my soul and identify every piece of it. The ugly and the wretched and the glistening golden parts all have their place when I listen to one of her songs. I don’t know how to describe it perfectly, but it feels like she is singing my soul.

download (1).jpg

The lead singer – Florence Welch – is like a magical gypsy-faerie creature thing that haunts all of my dreams. She is gorgeous and has a mane of glowing red hair that always seems to fall just right around her pale shoulders. And, as if all of that isn’t enough, her eyes match her music. I know that sounds crazy but you will understand shortly. Her eyes are like a thunderstorm. Not just the color – it’s the way they are set in her face and the way her jaw moves in relation to them when she sings. It’s her eyelashes and her hands resting on  her cheek. I honestly can’t explain it perfectly enough for you to understand. You just have to go look at her and listen to her sing.

images (4).jpg

Her latest album is titled How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. It is my favorite of her collections, but I have never heard a song by her that I did not like. No, I’m not kidding. My favorite song is “St. Jude” and it is also from this album. For some reason this song puts me right into my writing mode – which I consider my truest self. It makes me want to dance and sleep and cry and laugh. It is haunting and scary but beautiful and overwhelming. Here is a link. Go change your freaking life.


I’m about to buy a pair of earrings with this image of her on them. That’s how in love with her music I am. Again, not kidding.

Now, soon I will post a very long and descriptive post about how deeply this music changed my life. But for now you will simply have to take my word for it. And go listen to everything she has ever created. Because she is amazing. If you are kinda put off by odd music videos then maybe look away as you watch… because it takes a certain eye to appreciate them.

This is a song that you may actually have heard before. It was very popular on the radio a few years ago! “Dog Days Are Over”

This is a song I, a hopeless romantic, fantasize dancing to with my husband at my wedding. It sweeps me up and throws me to the wind. “Never Let Me Go”

This is a song that will so get you dancing. I mean, you will want to jump around and scream. Blast this one. “Shake it Out”

Okay. I gave you a few recommendations, but if you listened and loved I will give you tons more! I know I am a bit of a fangirl, so if I overdid it I’m sorry. In other news, your music taste is thirty times better now.




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