If We Were Having Coffee… 05.28.2016

If we were having coffee…

I would want to hear about your week. I would want to listen to all the details and the trifles that you have been facing. I’ve recently become incredibly interested in the way all of us are leading such intensely different lives full of complex and woven problems. Things that, when we try to explain to someone else, don’t sound nearly as daunting as they actually are. They don’t seem like they should occupy your mind so fully. Everything sounds smaller when it drains out of your lips into the ears of a listener. At least, is sounds smaller. But for me, when I hear all of those stories you are telling me, my brain swells. It’s like I am trying to take in just a sliver of your human existence and all I can manage is a vague understanding. It simultaneously drives me absolutely mad and makes me blindly happy.

How crazy is it that the only thing all humans crave is to be understood, and yet the only person that can understand you the way you truly need to be understood is the Big Guy up top? How beautiful is it that we get the tiniest piece of that glorious relationship with the people we share our coffee with? How gorgeous these relationships are. I want you to tell me everything that floats through your mind. Tell me about making breakfast and cleaning the windows and driving through town on a stormy night. I want to know because you are so vast and I will only ever be able to understand a pinkie’s worth.

If we were having coffee…

I’d tell you how freaking gorgeous you are to me. Every aspect of your humanness is amazing. The part of me that is still self-centered and stubborn wishes I could climb inside your soul and understand it’s deepest reasonings. But I can’t. I am here to offer the open arms and the laughs and the salty mascara tears. I am here to tell you how worthy you are of being understood. I am here to be your friend and understand as much of you as I can. My best will be just a preview. God lives in our relationship and that makes it so full of flavor. So much understanding swirls around us and so much joy fills my eyes.

Thanks for telling me about the time your cat brought you that dead mouse as a gift. I really do appreciate it. Not the mouse, you

One thought on “If We Were Having Coffee… 05.28.2016

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. As you said, so many people crave human interaction but instead of pursuing that desire they look at screens. We live in a world where we try to understand everything and yet don’t want to pursue healthy relationships.
    Keep trying to understand what people are saying, that is a beautiful gift but also remember that you have to let others understand what you are going through as well.
    You’re a great writer and it seems that you’re writing from the heart. Keep it up!


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