Let Me Introduce You to Blimey Cow

Okay, this is an interesting week for my “Let Me Introduce You” series. Today I am introducing you to a Youtube channel known as Blimey Cow. Now, I have been following this content for much longer than my year or so of committed Christianity, but I have enjoyed every video I’ve watched. They are hilarious, clean, and actually helpful sometimes.

So, first of all, if you are homeschooled and you spend any amount of time on Youtube, you have probably heard of Blimey Cow thanks to this video. It basically outlines the top seven lies about homeschoolers. It is both gut-busting funny and heartbreakingly true. I totally recommend you check that out if you have time. The main owner of the channel was homeschooled and all of the content is totally homeschool-friendly. If that is a thing… I’m not sure. I’m homeschooled and I have no idea what I mean by homeschool-friendly. Ignore me.

Second, they have some of the best Christian comedy acts ever. I guess I don’t actually have a lot of experience in Christian comedy, but the statement still stands. They are freaking hilarious. They explain things in jokes and never bash anything because, well, they love Jesus too. They are Christian and homeschooled and still totally cool. Break all the stereotypes!

Third, they can relate to both the teenagers of today and the young adults of today. The kids that are in the midst of middle school drama or struggling through their freshmen year of college. I think it is a really important time to be able to find pop culture icons that aren’t bashing Christianity or being awful moral role models. It’s also great to find educational personalities that aren’t forty years old and wearing a sweater vest embroidered with the nativity scene. I didn’t grow up in Sunday school, but even I know that those humans exist.

Finally, they have new videos every Monday! How cool is that! Regular videos so you don’t have to wonder or check back every other day waiting for new content! Hooray!

How to find them:

Go to Youtube.com, type in Blimey Cow, and their channel should be the first legit answer to your search. Or you could just click this link. Whatever.

Hope I gave you some new, cool binging material! See you guys next week!

One thought on “Let Me Introduce You to Blimey Cow

  1. Oh man! I really like Blimey Cow, it’s funny but also educational. I haven’t been watching all of their videos but every once in a while I go on a binge and watch a bunch. It’s a great Youtube channel.


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