Share Your Prayers

I just want to open up this blog post to all of you that may need a little extra prayer going up to the big guy this week. It is very comforting to me when others are willing to pray for my personal problems or worries. If you would like me to pray for you this week, please comment below or fill out the contact form. If you are just here for a little read, please pray for the people that choose to comment below. Thank you all and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with our Lord! Much love and prayers!


Praying for the Prayerless

I think about these people often. I think about the ones that don’t have family or friends or even a church. I think about the people that nobody else thinks about. The lonely ones. The sad ones. The ones that don’t even know they are missing out. I think about them and the life they must be living. It makes me sad. And so I would like to just take this post for us all to read over my prayer and spend a second or two thinking about all of those people. That way, one day, maybe this group of people won’t even exist. Thank you for praying with me.

Dear God,
Thank you for my support group that prays for me. Thank you for granting me the people that think of me often. I rejoice in the fact that, alone as I may feel, there are always prayers being offered for my well-being.
I pray for the prayerless. The ones that do not have people to pray for them. The ones that do not have love or comfort surrounding them constantly. The ones that need my prayer. I hope that, even if it is brief, they feel a sense of belonging. That they know, somewhere, someone is holding them in their hearts. I pray that they receive the help they need, the love they desire, and the prayers they long for.
I pray their aching hearts are eased – even if they do not realize the burden they carry. I pray that their hardships are lessened. That they are strengthened by your might. I pray that they are calm in their hearts with the comfort of love – even though it is the love of a stranger.

Thank you for sticking around and reading my prayer with me. I really love to pray with other people so if you ever need a prayer request or thought that you would like me to personally slip into my prayer journal, feel free to comment or message me. I am completely open to it. I hope you have a good week friends!

Much love,



30 Second Prayers

I am notorious for short prayers. I pray when I am tying my shoes in the morning or painting my nails at night. When it occurs to me in passing that maybe I should pray about something in particular, I often pray right then and there. I spend the 30 seconds it takes for me to get from my room to the kitchen praying a moment of thanks to God for waking me up and letting me live another day – even if this day includes a huge math test in school. Sometimes, when someone asks me to pray for them, I do in the 30 seconds that I am walking away from them and into the bathroom. When I was younger, my mom always taught me to do the sign of the cross when I saw an accident or heard sirens. I am a 30 second prayer type of person, and I think I am better for it.

I really like this tiny part of my life because this habit is a constant reminder that God is always with me. It also reminds me to be constantly aware of how everything is so divinely planned. It’s not that I forget that God has such control over the happenings of the world, it’s that when I stop for 30 seconds and really think about it I feel overwhelmed with comfort. That comfort is really beneficial for my faith life overall.

My prayer life is slowly growing warmer and warmer. I never thought I would even get to the place I am now with my faith, so this is really fulfilling to me. I feel more at peace with myself as well as with God. I hold myself to higher standards, and I didn’t expect that to happen. With every little prayer I find myself having in daily life, I can feel little wisps of my faith wrap around my heart. My deep prayers – the kind where I sit in solitude for much longer than thirty seconds – are richer because of my ability to fall into prayer faster. I used to sit forever and ever and only really be praying for a few minutes. My mind wandered then, but now I can concentrate better because I have prayed all day and can pray about everything I remember happening that day. I love 30 second prayers and everything they do for my entire life in the short time I live in them.

Praying for the Sick

My mom is sick right now. She has RA (rheumatoid arthritis), and contrary to popular belief, this disease affects a lot more than just your joints. Her entire body – organs and all – is under constant attack from this disease. Because of the medicine she is on to keep the pain under control, her immune system is incredibly weak and unable to fight off illness. As of today, she has been sick for two whole weeks. This is not like her. I have never seen her so vulnerable. So today I want to release a prayer on my blog to both raise awareness and, hopefully, send a few more prayers up to the big guy to get her, and other people suffering, well again. So please read the prayer below and the few words I leave after it.

Dear God, thank you so much for the blessing of my mother. I am so thankful to have her as a steady point in my life. Today I am writing to ask that you may give her and her body the strength to overcome her illness. She feels weak right now. She feels frustrated and scared and small. I know that you have the power to make her well again, but please give her the openness to accept your power into her heart. Encourage her turn her frustration over to you. Lead her to let you heal her.
I pray for my mother’s health, but also the health of others suffering from similar afflictions. Across the world there are people suffering from sickness due to RA or side effects from their RA medication. I don’t pretend to know their pain or their daily struggles, but please help them to know that you are with them. Help them to let you heal them. I pray that those suffering get access to the correct medications, that those medications help them, and that they are well and whole some day soon. I pray that with every painful step they take, they know you are cheering them on. Your love is so encouraging, and I ask that you send that encouragement directly into the hearts of those patients that need it today, and always. Much love and Amen.

I hope this prayer finds everyone that reads it in good health. Thank you for praying with me and for my mom. If you would like to leave any words of relation, encouragement, or prayer below, I would so appreciate it. Thanks again and I will see you around soon.

Weekly Intentions 02.14.2016

Every week in mass we say intentions and pray for them as a church. I think this is awesome. In middle school they were my favorite piece of mass to volunteer for because I got to write them. In youth group, I like to say intentions because it is important to me to pray as a  group for things that are important to others. They are often problems going on in the world, so they are problems for everyone, but sometimes they are personal. I love how powerful it feels to pray as a group for both types of intentions. So, I am just asking if you wouldn’t mind praying for the list of things below. I am going to write them in prayer, and I hope you read them in prayer. Thank you so much!

I want to pray…

…For the unborn babies killed every day in our world, that they and their families may find peace and hope in the Lord.

…For my friends and family to stay safe in the winter weather.

…For students in high school and college that they may find what God is calling them to do in their search for purpose.

…For my heart to stay on the course of love as I become frustrated and confused.

…For anyone without a home in this cold weather, that they find a warm place to rest.

…For everyone reading this, that they may feel loved and inspired in their everyday lives.